Petite Fashion Challenge #13 : Stylish for Under $100

February 28, 2012

I own a range of higher and lower priced items but it doesn't often cross my mind how much I spend on individual outfits. In reviewing my old blog posts, I was surprised by how infrequently I wear some of the most and least expensive items. I guess I subconsciously go with the mid-range pieces.

Annie of Really Petite is the host for this month's petite fashion challenge and she challenged us to create a professional outfit for under $100 (shoes and accessories are excluded). I had grand plans for this challenge (like actually creating a complete outfit, bags and shoes included, for under $100) but found that it's much more difficult in execution. I can't wait to see what other ladies come up with.

I ended up going with my trusty J. Crew coat (bought on super sale), a LOFT necklace, and a LOFT dress which clock in at just under the allotted budget.
J. Crew Lady Day Coat - bought it on sale for $59
LOFT Ruffle Two-Fer Dress - bought it on sale for for about $20
LOFT necklace - $18
Bag & shoes - I won't count these, but over the $100 budget
Visit Annie's blog for a complete list of participants.

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  1. Nice score on your lady day coat!! I got mine for $145 via ebay. ;)


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