The February Challenge: Day 6 : Fanfare & Townhouse

February 13, 2012

The ASOS pussybow dress seen here hasn't been worn in several months. It was one of the items that I had picked for the 30x30 challenge that I did last summer and was then relegated to the back of my closet once the challenge ended.
A simple two-tone dress is the ideal blank canvas to paint on; belt it to further accentuate the colorblocking trend and try a skirt over the bottom or a cardigan over the top and it's a brand new outfit. For a lazy morning dresser like me it's a clear closet staple. 
J. Crew coat & jacket, ASOS dress (similar here and here), Ann Taylor belt (in black) & shoes, Talbots gloves (similar), and Prada bag
Do you own a two-tone dress? How do you wear it?

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