The February Challenge: Day 3 : Because Sometimes One Gingham Shirt Just Isn't Enough

February 06, 2012

I am still trying to learn how to double up on button downs on weekends to add interest to normally bland outfits. So far the only pairing I am confident of is the gingham on gingham look. I am hoping to branch out into mixing bold plaid shirts next.

There are a few rarely worn items in this post. The Juicy Couture blazer was one of my favorite outlet finds this summer but has been forgotten because of how many similar items I own.

The Crewcuts dress received a lot of wear when I bought it initially but ultimately it was hard making a child's dress work for me in the long term. I have decided to reserve it for weekend wear or trips to the beach.
Crewcuts shirts & dress, Juicy Couture blazer, See by Chloe bag, and Corso Como shoes (also here and here)

Cee recently did something similar and executed the double gingham look better than I can ever hope to. See her post here.

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