The February Challenge: Day 12 : Black Leopard

February 27, 2012

Impulsiveness can be a monster. The story of how I ended up with this Ann Taylor Factory jacket is a familiar one (at least for me). It goes something like this...Girl travels an hour to bargain hunter mecca. Girl didn't see anything worth buying. Girl didn't want to leave empty-handed and decides to undress the mannequin to try on the black jacket on it. Girl decides to order the jacket in her size, sight unseen. Girl receives it a week later in the mail, didn't love it but didn't want to drive to an outlet location to make a return. Jacket is worn once and then sits in closet for months until this outfit was put together. The end.

These days I am much more careful about purchasing items that cannot be easily returned. The lesson was an expensive one (as this jacket and many others with similar stories serve as a constant reminder of my delinquency.)

How often do you experience buyer's remorse these days?
AT top & shoes, AT Factory Jacket, J. Crew coat, skirt & necklace and Prada bag

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