The February Challenge: Day 14 : Pants Dilemma Revisited

February 29, 2012

Thank you all for your candid responses to an earlier post in which I sought out your advice for what I should do with my beloved Theory pants. Just as I was getting ready to hem it to ankle length, bf urged me to use the style snaps (which, btw, didn't work for me; if you are interested in trying them, I have a few spare ones that I can send you) that I bought a long while ago to bring the pants just three inches shorter before I get it taken up more. 

So here's a look at the pants again. I am starting to waver as the pant legs are not tapered near the ankle area and I fear that it would look awkward at that length. I am reminded again why I constantly struggle with pant length.
Ann Taylor shirt, H&M jacket, Theory pants, F21 necklace, Coach bag and Ziginy shoes
I walked around the house the other day and played around with the pants folded up in a variety of ways and still can't determine the best course of action. I think I'll have to sleep on this some back in the closet these pants go.

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