The February Challenge: Day 10 & Day 11 : Weekday vs. Weekend

February 22, 2012

If I didn't have a day job and lived in a castle, I would wear nothing but this all day (though I wouldn't mind this pretty little number either)...but the reality is that functionality always trumps imagination.

I don't consider myself someone who has a well defined sense of personal style - I know I like scallop edges, lace, tulle, and bows but from there it's a crapshoot. It is then unsurprising that my day-to-day looks can vary quite a bit.

Do you think having a definable personal style is pigeonholing or is it just the result of a well thought out wardrobe?
Stella McCartney for Target top (similar), Lauren Conrad dress, Forever 21 shoes (similar in cobalt), and Ann Taylor bracelet

I bought duplicates of this Ann Taylor tie neck top last Spring and have only worn them a handful of times. I should really ban myself from purchasing duplicates.
Ann Taylor top & shoes, J. Crew skirt, H&M blazer, and Prada bag

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