The February Challenge: Day 1

February 01, 2012

It's been a rough few months (three to be exact, but who's counting) for my savings account and saving goals. With seemingly endless end-of-the-year sales it was so hard for me to practice buy-less-wear-more (a piece of wisdom imparted to me by my very rational and fabulous blog friend The Way We Were). However, I hope February will be the beginning of a beautiful new chapter.

I have lamely titled this challenge the February challenge (no points for creativity) and the motive is to "rediscover" my closet. I become a monster when I put myself on a shopping ban so there will be no ban but in return no wearing of new items either.

I don't plan to stop shopping (because I find that, while unhealthy, it gives me enough distraction from work to not go crazy) but I will also only wear items from my existing wardrobe for the month.

At the end of the month, I will reevaluate what I've brought home and then decide their fate. A problem with me is that I love new clothes (almost unhealthily so) so I don't realize a problem until it's too late (tags ripped off and all). I hope a month is enough time for me regain composure and to truly scrutinize every purchase the way someone with a full-to-the-brim closet ought to.

Every day I will challenge myself to wear an item that I have not worn in the last year (or at least in recent some may have only been in exile for several months). I hope this challenge will reunite me with old flames.

(since I don't take outfit pictures nor post everyday and I do plan to still share deals on occasion - for those of you who pace yourselves, unlike me - this February Challenge series will probably run until March)

To get me started:

The "something old" in this outfit is a black knit blazer from Piperlime (it gets so little wear that I can't even remember the brand). It was one of those meh purchases that end up in storage for months at a time. 

I guess today's big takeaway for me is that if something doesn't excite you when you first receive it, it likely won't be earth shattering months down the road either.
A&F top, H&M vest (similar), J. Crew skirt (floral version here), Ann Taylor pumps, and Chanel bag

Lastly, please vote for my blog friend I Am Khatu in the Fashion Blog World's Inspiration contest. She is contestant number 11.

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