Shoe Lust : Zara Two Tone Camel/Black Wide Heel Boot

January 10, 2012

Finding deals at Zara is a patience game. Without frequent coupons and with only two sales annually, I try not to invest too much energy or get emotionally attached to beautiful clothes and shoes at Zara.

I first found these boots several months ago but thought its retail price of $189 was rather excessive for a trendy item. I waited and waited until the shoes sold out in my size online. I had almost completely given up on them when Zara started its first cut which brought the price down to $99. Since the shoes had sold out online in my size, I immediately logged onto to Suddenlee (previously reviewed here) and placed an order.

I had to pay a fee on top of the sale price but it was worth the wait to me to save a few Andrew Jackson's.

I typically wear a size 7 in boots and took these in size 38 (which translates to a 7.5). The 37 would've fit but I like wearing thick socks under boots so the 38 fit better than the 37. The shoes are a little overpriced for the craftsmanship even at $99 but I really like the style so I am paying a little more for the unique design.

Tomorrow I'll share a few tips on shopping Zara. I am rather new to the Spanish fast fashion company but hope that my experience will help someone shop their sales better.

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