Shoe Lust : Talbots Lyla Tuxedo flat

January 31, 2012

I'll admit it. I have a two tone problem. I can't seem to get over my obsession with two tone shoes...I think my count is now up to six?

My latest acquisition is this pair of Lyla Tuxedo Flats bought during the Talbots sale that Extra Petite blogged about. It is currently further discounted (merely $39.99, but few sizes remain) but I do have a few gripes.

I am definitely leaning toward returning right now but these shoes are so photogenic. In real life the shoes are impossibly stiff and plastic looking.
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat Box
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat side
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat back
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat Bow
Talbots Black and White Lyla Tuxedo flat Logo

I also haven't learned my lesson about Talbots flats. They seem to run at least a size bigger than comparable flats. The size 7 shown here won't stay on my feet so even if I decided to keep them I would have to exchange them for a size down.  

I do like the Gidget ballet flats. They also run big (take at least a size down) but the leather is much softer.

I think in general Talbots shoes are well made and an incredible steal when they are 70% off but I would only buy shoes that are not final sale. The sizing isn't always accurate (and the construction sometimes dubious) so it's best to at least have the option to return it.

Have you bought shoes from Talbots before? What are your thoughts?

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