OOTD: Snowed In

January 21, 2012

I realized today that I am too dependent on the company that plows my driveway. After waiting nearly a whole morning for the snowplowers to show up, my brother R and bf J ventured outside to manually shovel the snow (so we could go out and buy pudding cake). I didn't want to be left out and decided to attempt to build a snowman but after stepping outside realized that snowman-building was too high-skilled and instead just undid brother R's shoveling work by trampling all over mounts of snow. You are welcome, bro.
hunter boots stella mccartney  tulle skirt
I know I am crazy for wearing a mini skirt in the middle of winter but as long as my core (and extremities) are warm, my legs feel just fine. Plus I didn't like having to deal with wet pants.

And this outfit came t0gether by chance - I put on the first things I came across this morning and ended up in this get-up.
hunter boots stella mccartney  tulle skirt h&m heart sweater and pink scarf
I can't say enough the superiority of hunter boots to uggs in areas with heavy snowfall. Uggs are really comfortable, warm, and somewhat weatherproof but a pair of Hunter boots with boot liners is invincible in the face of moisture. If you hate wet feet as much as I do, look no further.

hunter boots tulle skirt
H&M sweaters & scarf, Gap kids skirt, and Hunter boots
And while I was screwing around undoing his progress (which is what younger siblings are born to do), R slowly finished shoveling. I have to say he was much more effective than big snow plowers.  

Here's a vanity picture of his excellent work. I am pretty sure he will never attempt this again so this is for posterity.

To those of you who were snowed in today, happy snow day!

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