OOTD Featuring H&M Two-Tone Blouse + Ann Taylor Promenade Coat review

January 30, 2012

This extremely popular H&M two-tone blouse is a gift from a wonderful blog friend. Since receiving it a few weeks ago I've worn it a dozen times...mostly with black pencil skirts or black dress pants. However, I can't seem to style it beyond the simple pairing.

I wore it over the weekend with a blush polyester skirt but can't say I am happy with how it looks. 
H&M blouse (gifted by Jean), Ann Taylor cardigan & bracelet, AA skirt, and Forever 21 shoes (also available in polka dot, leopard, and floral)

How would you wear it?


I wanted to share a quick review of the Promenade Coat that I ordered from Ann Taylor a little while ago. The coat ended up being a return for me even though it fit decently (in 00P).

I wasn't the biggest fan of the material; it seemed a bit thin and stiff for $248. If the item becomes heavily discounted I might reconsider it.

The coat comes in three colors: black, gray and the salsa picante orange seen here. The color of the coat is very saturated and full which photographs well but ultimately even its lovely color couldn't save it from being returned.

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