OOTD & Ann Taylor Store Sales - Extra 40% Off

January 08, 2012

Warm weather returned again today and seemed intend to stay until mid-week. It's amazing what a little bit of sun can do to lift one's spirit. Everyone I crossed paths with today was so much more cheerful today than last week.
ootd hm skirt ysl mary jane aeropostale sweater loft pearl necklace
Aeropostale sweater, H&M skirt, YSL shoes, and LOFT necklace
ootd hm skirt ysl mary jane aeropostale sweater
It's been ages since I last step foot inside an Ann Taylor store (I prefer the ease of shopping in the comfort of home) so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself making three stops this weekend.

I am a little burned out by the ongoing sale at Ann Taylor (it's not a bad thing but shopping the same store repeatedly certainly takes away some of the luster). To be honest even with the extra 40% off sale I haven't been tempted by online prices. I was in for a surprise when I found loads of goodies in stores for prices cheaper than online.

Note: store prices are not consistent; so your local store may have lower or higher prices than ones seen here. I would call ahead to verify prices and availability. You can order sale styles by phone, shipping charges are about $7.50-$9.50.

Both sweaters here are less than $20 in stores this weekend with the extra 40% off sale.
Snowpearl Crew Neck Sweater | Foil Detailed Cable Sweater
I've been spying on these booties for a while and decided to wait for further discounts. My local stores have these marked down to $148 (as has the online store) but I was told that some stores have these for even cheaper.
Petra Buckle Booties | Daniela Longhair Shearling Booties (silver & black)
I've also received intel that the suede boots (bottom left) are now less than $30 in numerous stores. I called around the area but was told that they sold out long ago. If you spot a size 7 in black, please let me know.
Arlena Suede Stretch Riding Boots | Lavinia Pull-Up High Heel Leather Boots
Oversized sweaters are also less than $30 now in stores.
Off the Shoulder Ribbed Sweater | Shawl Collar Cocoon Sweater
Both skirts below have been around for a while but I continue to run into them while browsing the sale racks. I bought the one on the left for my mom for less than $40 a few weeks ago. The glitter skirt on the right runs about a size big, I ordered it a while ago but returned it.
Tweed Pencil Skirt with Leather Zipper Pull (Regular/Petite) | Glitter Tweed Skirt
These two sweaters were also marked down significantly in stores. The one on the right is available in my local for about $18, though pricing was not consistent for all colors.
Woodland Cable Turtleneck Sweater (Regular & Petite) | Woodland Cable Crew Neck Sweater (Regular & Petite)
I also ordered cashmere cardigans and sweaters for my mom and myself for a steal. Some stores have these items marked down to less than $30 from their $150+ retail prices.
Cashmere Jewel Neck Cardigan | Cashmere Jewel Neck Sweater
Final sale items are very YMMV so prices and availability will vary widely across stores. If you are a bargain hunter, it might be worth your while to visit a local store.

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