OOTD & AE Long Cable Sweater Review

January 25, 2012

It warmed up unexpectedly yesterday after three days of misery here in the Northeast. I had bundled up in anticipation of harsh winter conditions but by lunch I was out and about without a jacket.
j crew townhouse trench heather caramel flair skirt old navy american eagle sweater
J. Crew coat & skirt, American Eagle sweater (striped version here), F21 necklace, and Hunter boots (and here)
j crew townhouse trench heather caramel flair skirt old navy american eagle sweater f21 necklace
I thought I would do a quick review of the AE Long Cable Sweaters that I purchased two weeks ago. I ordered about 10 colors in all and returned about four of them (due to color difference and manufacturing defects, small holes specifically).
american eagle v neck sweaters
What I like about this particular sweater is that it's logo-less (eagle logos stop being age appropriate for me about 10 years ago) and the price is very reasonable (I got them for less than $10 each). The XXS fits snugly but since I don't normally wear a tank top underneath sweaters and plan to wear the sweater like a fitted top, I don't mind the fit.
rainbow colors american eagle v neck sweaters
 The sweaters are rather thin and with lighter colors a nude color bra is necessary (unless the intention is to make your bra color known). The sweaters also vary quite a bit in fit across colors. Of the 10 sweaters that I got, the green sweater shown here is perhaps the tightest fitting (along with the red and the black).
AE Long Cable Sweater American Eagle Green
The length of the top and the sleeves were a bit long for a 5'2 person but nothing egregious.

In all, I think the beautiful colors are what sold me on the sweaters. I also don't own very many sweaters in a similar style so these ended up being keepers for me.

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