Ann Taylor Spring Arrivals & Winter Sale (Extra 40% Off Sale + 20% off on $100 and more)

January 19, 2012

I thought I was all Ann Taylor'ed out after a relentless sale season but their spring arrivals made my heart beat a little faster than usual. The current promotion is only 30% off (code : SPRING30) which typically isn't enough of an incentive for me but I ordered the Promenade Coat to try anyway.
Promenade Coat | Cotton Colorblocked Two-Piece Trench (Burberry one in same color palette)
I also ordered a few recently reduced sale items. I think Ann Taylor marked down a batch of previously full-price items this morning and with the extra 40% off (no code required) and the stackable 20% off on orders of $100 and more coupon (10000004822), the sale items all of a sudden became appealing.
Sequin Front Halter | Sequin Front Merino Wool Cardigan
These are two items that I ordered before Christmas, the skirt was a return for me because it didn't fit me properly but the clutch was a well received present.
Petite Sequin Mini Skirt | Sequin Clutch
The Jet Lace Necklace is merely $19.99 in stores (no additional discount apply) but the golden lace necklace is $99.99 online plus an additional 40 percent off. I picked up both necklaces because I think they are simply gorgeous. Consider the fact that I almost pulled the trigger at full price, I think these are pretty good deals. They are both currently sold out online but the stores should have plenty of stock. (You can also order by phone and have the necklaces sent to you for $7.50)
Jet Lace Necklace | Golden Lace Statement Necklace
I also picked up the matching golden lace cuff, marked down to 59.99 in stores and the glitter bangle, which got marked down online today.
Golden Lace Cuff | Glitter Bangles
And I can't express in words how much I love the vibrant "chili pepper" red that Ann Taylor splattered all over their fall and spring arrivals. I tried the jewel neck jacket a little while ago but decided to return it because it was ill-fitting. I do plan on eventually buying everything else once they come closer to my target price range.
Chili Pepper Jewel Neck Jacket | Silk Rolled Sleeve Camp Shirt
Wraparound Waist Cowl Neck Halter | Wool Mini Skirt

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