Some New Hello Kitty Treasures

December 15, 2011

A few people expressed interest in the Hello Kitty x Forever 21 blouse that I blogged about recently. While I wear it constantly, I haven't strayed from styling it with strictly black or similar camel tones. I am determined to find other ways to wear it, if you have any ideas, please leave a comment and help me out.
F21 Blouse, AA Skirt, and Zara Booties
And some jewelry I got from the Forever 21 for Hello Kitty collection. I originally ordered every piece of jewelry that was available and even got duplicates for a giveaway but so many items came missing stones that I ended up returning everything except these two. The bracelet on the right fits very small so if you have tiny wrists and love Hello Kitty, I would urge you to check your local F21 and pick one up.
And I also took advantage of the holiday gift codes that Sephora sent out recently and picked up some skin care products for my mom. I placed two separate orders just so I can get the Hello Kitty Sample Clutch. The samples were meh but I love the bag. They should still be available so if you plan on making a purchase from Sephora, here's more info.

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