Shoe Lust : Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Pumps

December 21, 2011

Classic styles of Salvatore Ferragamo flats and pumps rarely go on sale and I happened upon mine by accident. I had been plotting to get a pair of SF shoes for my dad but ended up being persuaded into buying this pair for myself.

SF shoes hadn't been high on my list of "must-gets" but I do swoon every time I see a pair of Varina flats on the street. For me, a heel lover, the Vara shown here is probably a better match.

At $250+ it's a still a splurge but much easier to swallow than the original $395. The 7B (the shoes come in narrow and wide as well) fits TTS, just a tad big for my normally 6.5/7 feett. Not enough to go down half a size.

The color is a beautiful beige and the low heel makes them easy to wear, even for people who rarely wear pumps. 

I am conflicted right now because I have kept so many pairs of shoes in the last few months to the point where I feel extremely guilty about them.

Would you keep them?

Here are a few classic styles of Ferragamo shoes:

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