Shoe Lust : Forever 21 Patent Leatherette Two Tone Bow Flats - Nude/Black

December 28, 2011

I rarely buy shoes from Forever 21 because I am generally of the belief that comfort is king when it comes to footwear...and that cheap normally means uncomfortable. That philosophy can be pretty inaccurate because once in a while cheap shoes can be comfortable (and cute!)

I saw these Patent Leatherette Two-Tone Bow Flats a few weeks ago on F21 and was immediately drawn to the nude pink and black contrast. The bow is an added bonus. I hesitated for a few days because I couldn't find anything else online that I would also order so I can meet free shipping. It wasn't until the sizes started selling out that I finally took the plunge. For my filler I bought costume jewelry that I eventually gifted to a few friends.

The size 7 fits true to size. The shoes require no break-in period and felt comfortable out of the box. The faux leather is rubber like and non-stiff. My only qualm is that the shoes look pretty cheap up close but for $15.80 I am being a little too demanding. 

The shoes are currently out of stock in several sizes online but in my experience the sizes are typically more complete in stores.

Buy here

p.s. has anyone else noticed that F21 added a customer review section for their products.

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