Shoe Lust : Adrienne Vittadini Adam Booties

December 24, 2011

Black booties were very high on my list of winter essentials and I took advantage of the Hautelook sample sale a few months ago and picked up this pair of booties that came highly recommended by Extra Petite.

I ordered black patent but black suede came in the mail. Since Hautelook doesn't stock anything they sell and rely on their suppliers, they were unable to help me process an exchange. I decided to keep them because I really wanted black booties.

The size 7 fits true to size and it's a little loose for me (typically between 6.5 and 7) but with heavier boot socks they fit perfectly. The heel is a tad tall but manageable and I've walked numerous miles in them since I received them. They do start to put stress on my arch after a few hours but it's to be expected with all shoes with a tall, thin(ish) heel.

They are no longer available online but have popped back on Hautelook a few times since its first appearance. If I see them on sale again I'll be sure to tweet the news!

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