OOTD: Skirt Length Dilemma

December 06, 2011

One of the challenges in wearing my shorter Burberry trench is skirt length. For some reason my aesthetics are trained to enjoy coats no more than 3 inches shorter than the skirt/dress so this has proven to be a unique challenge. This particular outfit was comfortable to wear but in pictures bothered me because the trench seems two inches too short for it. 

Or maybe I am looking for an excuse to get Burberry trench #2.

Ann Taylor Dress (in reg), Burberry Trench (also here), H&M Boots, and See by Chloe Bag

When it comes to pairing dresses/skirts with short trenches/coats, do you go long, short or stick with pants?

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p.s. Woah, and I just realized how hopelessly repetitive I am. This outfit looks eerily similar to an outfit from a previous post.

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