OOTD: Green Dress

December 16, 2011

I have an odd affinity to the color green. To be honest I didn't care for the color before college but after attending a school whose mascot and school color are both green for four years, I eventually grew to love it. Now I can't walk into a store and not be stopped by things in green. 

Do you have a color (or a print) you never thought you'd like but now love?
Burberry Trench (also here), H&M Dress, Ann Taylor Belt, and Stuart Weitzman Pumps (and here)
The dress is knee length but I used fashion tape to raise the hemline a little because I am bothered by the skirt to coat proportion

And since orange is the new black, I came home from H&M the other day with an arm full of orange items (unintentional). The dress is a new arrival but the two skirts are currently on sale. The midi length one in the middle fits TINY. The size 2 measures just short of 11 inches across the waist. If I had tried it on in stores I probably would've left it behind but since I came home with it I'll try to make it work. Have you caught the orange bug yet?

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