J. Crew 25% Off + Free Shipping on $150+!

December 08, 2011

J. Crew's sales never end these days. As a frequent shopper, I welcome sales but J. Crew is heading down down Ann Taylor's path if the trend persists.
Use "PRESENT" at checkout for 25% off and free shipping on orders of $150 and more.
Here are some of my recent purchases.

This skirt is marked down to $99 plus 30% off in stores. I was able to order the 00 (backordered until January) using the Red Phone.

Vintage tweed jacket - Blush - 0 (here in petite)
While I would love to own this in the lovely mustard color seen below, I ended up with the blush. I just love having sets of things even when I have no intention of wearing them together.

Blythe shirtdress - Navy - 00P (Regular sizing here) / Shirt version here
I actually bought this back in October but only recently received it (it was on backorder). J. Crew has a bad habit of putting things on sale and then raising prices (kind of like ASOS). When I bought it I got it for $99 (J. Crew refused to price match on petite), now it's back to full price online at $178. I would check your local store and use the Red Phone.

Double-cloth townhouse trench - Heather Caramel - 00P
The price on this trench is $248 in stores, in all colors. I ended up paying just short of $200 using Red Phone. J. Crew won't price match on petite sizes.

I am also a huge fan of the Silk Elodie Blouse (last worn here), I have a Wear It Five Ways post scheduled for it. It's current on sale online. (also sold on Net-A-Porter)

And here are the items on my J. Crew Wishlist:
Jubilee jacket in tinsel tweed - Natural - 00 and 0 currently sold out
I would have considered ordering this jacket at full price, if that's an indicator of how much I want it. Unfortunately, by the time I saw it the smaller sizes have already sold out. I wasn't able to find any reviews of this jacket around the blogosphere, which leads me to think that maybe it's very new.
I have too many sweaters as is but I can't resist J. Crew's beautiful colors. If you have this particular style, please share in the comments what you think about the quality.

My work skirt collection is near completion so naturally I started eying work appropriate dresses. The Clea and the Memo are two on my list.
What is your last purchase from J. Crew?

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