2011 Secret Santa Exchange + Other Lovelies

December 28, 2011

I was so excited to learn that Jessy of the Little Dust Princess organized a Secret Santa Exchange for a few petite bloggers and readers again this year. I had a blast participating last year and knew it would be equally fun this year.

My Secret Santa is Michelle of the Petite Fitting Room and I loved everything she picked out for me. I really like that the gifts came neatly wrapped in Christmas packaging (I need to work on my gift-wrapping skills).

And unwrapped (jealous yet? :) ) ...my favorite items are the Hello Kitty goodies! I haven't been to Vegas since...2007? It feels like forever ago so the Vegas-themed HK goodies are extra appreciated. The navy lace cardigan she picked out for me from Banana Republic also fits really well and is just what I would've ordered for myself had I seen it online. And the Chippendales nail file gave me a good laugh.
Thank you so much Michelle!

And I also unexpectedly received a bunch of goodies in the mail from Jessy (who, by the way, is the person I drew this year). I am sad to say that all that's left of these goodies are their wrappers.

Jessy was beyond generous and sent a second gift later that day. I am so grateful for her generosity. Thank you Jessy!

To see what other bloggers and readers got, head over to Jessy's blog where she has a complete list of participants.

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