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November 29, 2011

It's really wet and gloomy outside today but on days like these there's always a silver lining. If USPS hasn't failed me, there should be a package from Forever 21 waiting for me when I get home. My F21 for Hello Kitty loot has been in transit since the second week of November and the wait is close to being over. 

I hope you are ready for ootd's all decked out in HK wear because they are coming!
Zara Blouse (similar), Gap Jeans (similar), H&M Boots + Scarf, and Chanel Bag
This outfit is from a few weeks ago, when I first bought this scarf from H&M. I still haven't figured out how to properly tie scarfs to bags so please link me to tutorials that you find useful.

And, don't get to enter the Back In Style(two winners) and Alison Izu Denim giveaways! It's easy to enter and there aren't very many entries.

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