OOTD: A Find

November 07, 2011

This jacket has a story. I first fell in love when I saw it on Her Waise Choice but it wasn't available in a local store. Later, when I was meeting up with a few blogger extraordinaire they quickly informed me that they had hidden the jacket for me in a nearby store but by the time I got there it was gone. By chance, last week when I was coming back from a forum with Jim Cramer (of Mad Money fame; write me if you are interested in his stock picks for that day), I stopped by an H&M to exchange an item and saw this jacket hanging by the door. I snatched it up quickly without trying it on because I was already running late (and in 15 layers for maximum protection with two large work bags).

I am glad I bought it because I ended up loving it. It's pricey for H&M ($69.95) but it would've easily cost twice as much elsewhere. See on Cute and Little and Extra Petite.
H&M Blouse and Jacket, F21 Shorts, Dolce & Gabbana Boots, and See by Chloe Bag

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