OOTD: Cuff & Chicken

November 19, 2011

I scored this chunky gold "Sculptural" cuff from Ann Taylor during the F&F sale earlier this month (in fact, almost immediately before these pictures were taken). Bf and I first saw it a few weeks ago and joked that it made for great body armor. (We were children and both put it on and proceeded to fake fight in the corner; the store associates stared at us with strong disapproval).

I make some questionable purchases from time to time so this cuff could turn out to be one of those three-AM-impulse-buys-that-you-live-to-regret but in the meantime, I am having a ball.
H&M Sweater, YSL Skirt, Santana Boots, F21 Necklace (amazing one here), and Ann Taylor Cuff
It's not hard to deduce, by the setting of most of my pictures, that I live in boring ol' 'burb so whenever work calls for a day in the city I like to reward myself with fast food that has not yet manifested itself in suburbia.

Last week, after walking 50 blocks in two hours because I hate waiting for the subway, I finished off my very long day with a visit to Bon Chon Chicken, a meal that I only had daily fixes for when bf was working in the city a few summers ago. It's So. Worth. It.

Bon Chon Chicken, if you are reading (probably not), Connecticut needs you. 

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