Gap Friends & Family 40% Off Sale + Ann Taylor Friends & Family 40% Off Sale

November 09, 2011

I am so behind on editing pictures but I imagine sale info always trumps outfit posts anyway. Happy pre-thanksgiving shopping!

Ann Taylor:
Use 40FRIENDS at checkout for 40% off. Sale starts on Thursday and ends Sunday.

Some new arrivals that I have my eyes on.
Left: Silk Pearlized Drop Long Sleeve Top, Sequin Tulle Shawl Collar Blazer, Velvet Slim Pants, Round Crystal Spaced Ring, and Lace Platform Pumps
Right: Shimmer Tweed Jacket, Sequin Mini Skirt, Perfect Skinny Glitter Belt, and Overlast Ankle Booties

Left: Wrap Front Silk Top, Tropical Wool Pickstitched Tuxedo Jacket, Starry Night Bracelet, Sequin Clutch, and Lace Platform Pumps
Right: Cascade Front Stretch Silk Long Sleeve Blouse, Modern Fashion Wide Leg Trousers, and Perfect Cutout Pumps
Left: Soiree Blouse, Freya Lace Pencil Skirt, Starry Night Charm Bracelet, Sequin Clutch, and Lace Platform Pumps
Right: Evening Stripe Sweater, Glitter Tweed Skirt, Cashmere Scarf, and Shearling Booties
Left: Modern Shift Dress, Jet Lace Cuff, and Overlast Ankle Booties
Right: Flurry Fringe Top, Perfect Wool Merry Peacoat, Slim Knit Pants, and Aixa Lace-up Leather Platform Booties
Left: Shimmer Boatneck Pullover, Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Leopard Sequin Ponte Pencil Skirt, Starry Night Necklace, Starry Night Charm Bracelet, and Overlast Ankle Booties
Right: Moonglow Blouse, Modern Slim Jeans in Winter Glow, Sequin Clutch, and Sequin Pumps
Sale available in stores only. 40% off your total purchase. Print coupon here. Sale starts 11/10/11 and ends 11/13/2011.

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