OOTD & Nutella To Go

October 04, 2011

The weather seesaw that I've been on here in the Northeast has been a mixed blessing. I like that it afforded me the opportunity to don summer layers with fall accents but didn't like that I caught a cold last week because of it.

But October has been downright cruel so far - I woke up this morning and found that I had curled into a ball because of the temperature change overnight. Here is an outfit from a little while ago, before I packed away the skirt.
H&M Blazer (similar) & Tank, F21 Belt, BB Dakota Skirt, See by Chloe Bag, Corso Como Pumps

And on an unrelated note, while my bf was scouting out plastic storage containers I scoured Walmart's snack section for exciting new things to try and brought home this new product by the makers of Nutella. I was really excited by it but the actual product failed my expectations. It's not bad (because it's Nutella) but just really expensive for what it was (about a buck fifty for this tiny container).

Not worth it, imo. The "breadsticks" were mostly bland and even the Nutella couldn't save them. If you are into dipping biscuit sticks into chocolate, I highly recommend Yan-Yan, which is half the price and double the entertainment value.

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