OOTD: Coat-and-Tights-Wearing-Weather

October 20, 2011

I begrudgingly unpacked heavier coats earlier this week when I admitted I could no longer survive the outside without them.

There is one upside to coat-and-tights-wearing weather: I can get away with wearing heavier socks with heels! Allow me to explain this fashion faux pas. There are a few pairs of heels in my possession that are the right size if they were stretched out sufficiently but I never had the patience nor tolerance for pain to wear them enough. Come winter I wear thick socks under tights and wear those heels (because tights disguise everything?). By the time spring rolls around they are the perfect size.

Someone tell me I am not the only person doing this.
Express Coat (similar), Ann Taylor Blouse (non-shiny Doppelgänger here and here), and ASOS Skirt

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