Decisions...Decisions...H&M Teal Blazer

October 13, 2011

Update: a nice reader kindly saved me from myself and offered to take them off my hands before I go crazy deciding which to keep. Thanks everyone for your input, they were invaluable.

I recently "invested" in a new camera (en route!) - it's a scary step for me because I am just a casual/amateur blogger and spending that much money on a piece of equipment plus some spare lenses is unexpected and frankly quite excessive. The silver lining is that if I ever adopt a puppy (or maybe this little guy) I'll have the proper tools to document his/her life.

Random tidbit aside, I still need to make a decision about this blazer. Should I keep the black or this teal or neither?

Extra Petite reviewed this blazer recently, read her post here.
Ann Taylor Blouse*, H&M Blazer & Skirt, J. Crew Necklace, and Corso Como Pumps
* Overlapping Placket Long Sleeve Blouse - 00P
Measurements: 13.5in Shoulder; 20in Sleeves, 16in Underarm to Underarm; 24.5in Length

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