Ann Taylor Fall Arrivals Review

October 03, 2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I had some downtime on Sunday and took some pictures of the various items that I have acquired over the last few weeks and will post them as I edit them.

Sizes - Regular 00-18; Pictured Here: size 00
Measurements: 17in Underarm to Underarm; 25.5in Length; 22in Sleeve
Thoughts: The material and color reminds me a lot of the Gap Tie Neck Shirt (30% off today with code 48HOURS; See it on Jean). This particular style did not come in petite but since it had to be tucked in the length can be forgiven. I decided to keep this because I am a sucker for ascot collar blouses even though it's quite blouse-y. I also want to note that while my neck is average sized (about 12in in circumference), the high collar was pretty tight on me.

Sizes - Regular 00-18 & Petite 00P-16P; Pictured Here: size 00P
Measurements: 12.3in waist, 21in length, 16.5in hip
Thoughts: The skirt fits well but the color irl was darker than what I anticipated. I already have a dark navy skirt from Ann Taylor that fit me much better but I might reorder this if it gets further discounted. Returned.

Sizes - Regular 00-18 & Petite 00P-16P; Pictured Here: size 00P
Measurements: 12.5in waist, 20.5in length, 17in hip
Thoughts: I have a soft spot in my heart for tweed but this particular style just didn't appeal to me in person. I also didn't particularly like this particular blend of tweed. Returned. I might give this Tweed Power Skirt and Tweed Mini Skirt a try.

Ann Taylor Crossover Top with Epaulettes - was $68, now $59.99 plus 50% off.
Sizes - Regular XXS-XXL & Petite XXSP-XLP; Pictured Here: size XSP
Thoughts: I decided to keep this because I am so intrigued by all the bells and whistles this top came with. The material, as described my bf, is reminiscent of his underarmour gear so I might even wear this on a run (just kidding) but I haven't figured out what to wear with it.

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