All Black + J. Crew Opera-length Glass Pearl Necklace

October 12, 2011

I missed out on this cute little knit jacket that H&M released earlier this year and was ecstatic when I overheard chatter on Twitter that it has been re-released in two colors for late Fall. I made the grave mistake of passing on this blazer last time so I picked up both colors this time around when I spotted them in stores. 

Unfortunately, H&M is one of those stores that gets a lot of traffic so after only a two day absence from the store I find that the blazer had already sold out in several popular sizes (including size 4, which is what I wanted). The size 2 is a snug fit but I brought them back anyway to further scrutinize. 

I will post pictures of the teal blazer later this week and you all can help me decide which to keep.
Ann Taylor Blouse* + Pumps and HL Skirt
Measurements: 13.5in Shoulder; 21in Sleeves, 16in Underarm to Underarm; 24.5in Length

 I picked up this Opera-length Glass Pearl Necklace from J. Crew recently during the extra 30% off sale. For a little while I contemplated getting the genuine freshwater pearls counterpart for ten times more but am happy that I added a new pearl necklace to the rotation. I have a few nicer pieces of jewelry but am too "rough" with them so they are stored away for safety (from me, the nice-things-destroyer).

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