Zara's Online Store Opens Shop

September 07, 2011

Today's a historical day - Zara is finally available for sale online - fashionistas everywhere rejoice!

I don't live near very many Zara's and have always struggled finding things in my size even when I do go. The following skirts were purchased on sale using Suddenlee, previously reviewed here.

While many of Zara's offerings are not suited for the petite crowd, some styles can work for taller petites who are also bigger in size. For pencil skirts a hem and possibly slimming of the sides may be required. I think the shorter length skirts and pants would work well on bigger petites.

Edit: a petite community member doxyloo recommends the TRF (the "juniors" line at Zara). She says the bottoms typically run 23"-25" (so could work for smaller petites) but the tops run bigger.

Zara Double Cloth Sheath Skirt - size XS
Material Composition - 44% Polyester, 3% Elastane, 53% Cotton
Collection - Zara Basic
Measurements - 12.5in Waist; 16in Hip; 22in Length

Zara Pleated Skirt - size XS
Collection - Zara Women
Measurements - 13in Waist; 17in Length

Zara Bird's Eye Skirt - size XS
Material Composition - Shell: 64% Polyester, 2% Elastane, 34% Rayon; Lining: 100% Polyester
Collection: Zara Basic
Measurements - 13.5in Waist; 17in Hip; 24in Length
I guess the take away is that Zara is cut for people of average height and taller so petite ladies should try to direct their attention to the shorter styles.

And some fall lovelies!

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