OOTD: Everything In Excess Is Opposed To Nature

September 19, 2011

Everything in excess is opposed to nature - Hippocrates

I have a bit of a (pussy bow tops) problem. I can't count on two hands exactly how many I have in my possession. I had enough good sense to send back the few that I ordered from ASOS last month but got sucked in again by H&M's bargain pricing.

I found this top for $9.95 (also available in this burned orange/coral color as well as in a perplexing print) at H&M and initially didn't think much of it (overflowing closet + redundant items = bane of my existence) but liked the balloon sleeves and light texture enough to take it with me to checkout.
H&M Top, A&F Tank, Theory pants, Corso Como Pumps
In the ad it doesn't look like the model is wearing anything underneath but the material is very sheer - to the point where a tank top is absolutely necessary unless revealing to the world the color/shape of your bra is your intention. Still, not too crappy for $9.95.
And more eye candy from H&M.

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