New Boots For Fall

September 18, 2011

My closet (especially the shoe section) is near capacity so I've been a little more discriminating when it comes to shopping (perhaps the reason for why recent ASOS orders went back in their entirety). I have, however, reserved a spot on the roster for a pair of cognac riding boots. The search had come up empty until last week, when I spontaneously tried on this pair of boots at H&M for fun. I didn't expect to like them on me at all but they were surprisingly comfortable and bf voted a resounding yes. They were not quite the riding boots I had wanted but the color was the shade I was looking for and their lightness (this part is subjective) made walking around in them hassle-free.

I wore them all weekend long and they have proven to be comfortable for the first few hours. I think they could benefit from ball of foot padding which would certainly alleviate some of the stress the small heels put on my feet after several hours.
A&F Tank, YSL Skirt, H&M Boots, See by Chloe Bag
I got the boots in size US7/EU38 and with socks they fit perfectly. I am typically a size 6.5/7 in pumps, 7 in flats, and 7 in sneakers. The boots retail for $59.95 (sign up for H&M emails for 20% off one item - if you show store associates the coupon on your mobile device you can get away with multiple uses). My calves are pretty large proportionally (13-13.5 inches at the widest part depending on the level of exercise the day before) and these fit with some room to spare.

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