Sigh...comPLEATly perfect (Club Monaco Pamera Pleated Skirt)

August 05, 2011

It goes without saying that I struggle with myself constantly the question: To Buy or Not to Buy. And while I am nearly always victorious at first, my somewhat obsessive personality would get me in trouble.

This skirt has been the subject of my obsession. First seen on Jen, then on Kim, and the nail in the coffin were these fitting room pictures.

The size 00 fits pretty decently and while slightly long, I wouldn't dare take a pair of scissors to these pleats.

I did discover another online shopping outlet through this purchase though...I don't have a Club Monaco within a 40 minute drive of me and even when I am in proximity to a store I've sometimes forgotten to check.

The stores I called personally to check stock have been entirely unhelpful so I was really surprised when their "Online Personal Shopper" successfully tracked down the skirt for me and had it shipped. The whole transaction took less than a week to complete. Domestic standard ground shipping is $7 (3-8 days; though I received mine in two), second-day air Express costs $19 and Overnight shipping is $25. I received my order via Fed Ex and it was packed neatly in a box and the skirt was folded and placed inside a Club Monaco shopping bag along with the receipt.

So Club Monaco lovers living in remote areas without a CM, you are in luck and take note!

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