Quick ASOS Review

August 07, 2011

I thought about just sending these two dresses back without snapping pictures but in case someone was also considering them I took a few pictures for comparative purposes.

I already own the ASOS Tulip Dress with Button Epaulettes in red (reviewed here) and ordered this sale color in regular size 2 (the red I own is in Petite 0/1). This color is not particularly flattering on me (too close to my skin tone?) plus I really haven't worn my other one with any kind of frequency.
I had high hopes for this ASOS Dress with Scallop Detail and watched it go on sale with a lot of glee but was sorely disappointed by the actual product. The material was polyester and wrinkle-prone and the zipper was really cheap and wouldn't zip all the way down. The regular size 2 fits pretty true to size for ASOS. It also came in a brighter blue color.

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