Neiman Marcus Extra Savings Event

August 10, 2011

Enabling time be honest I am way too frustrated by the checkout system yesterday that I just gave up. It looks like they fixed the system though but I am much too defeated to re-browse.

Buy one item get an extra 30% off and buy two items and get an extra 40% off your items. I would say this is an amazing deal if smaller sizes were more plenty. 

Happy shopping!

I loved this Kate Spade yellow boucle skirt...almost think it's worth the effort to buy the size 4 and alter it down.

These Manolos can also be found here in "Natural".
These DvF sandals must be popular because they have also been available in the following colors: purple, pink, coral/orange, sage green, camel, taupe, dark navy and black.
I adore these Kate Spade ballerina flats...I first saw them on Zappos, which is only 30% off.

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