Juicy Couture End of Summer Sale

August 22, 2011

I should've posted this sale earlier because sizes are selling out quickly but there are some terrific deals to be had.

Free shipping on orders of $100 and more.

I bought this Cobblestone Blouse with Ties a few months ago for nearly twice as much - the size "P" was big on me so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone smaller than me. If you are taller than me I can see this working out very well for you.
I love lace anything so already have similar items in my closet so I passed on this sweater.
I adore the Cotton Silk Allegra Dress (also available here and here) but boyfriend said it's a little too robe-like.
I've had my eye on the Ellie Jacket for months but am passing on it for now because I really love this similar Erin Fetherston jacket.
And here are some purchases from the Juicy Couture factory that I made over the weekend.

The Juicy Couture x Erin Fetherston High Shine Bustier Dress in size 2 - it's a tad big on me but I really like the valentine's day colors.
And this light navy knit blazer is an outlet exclusive new arrival - reasonably priced (for Juicy Couture) at $99 and was 30% off this past weekend. A little pricey for the material but I really like the cut so it came home with me. There is a similar design in their fall 2011 collection that is currently retailing for $200 plus. I feel better about this purchase already.
And some eyecandy from their Fall 2011 Lookbook.

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