Forever 21 Quick Review + Free Shipping Over $25 Offer

August 10, 2011

I had a merchandise card from Forever 21 for returning my last disastrous order and typical of me, gift/merchandise cards have a way of burning a hole in my pocket so I always try to use them up as soon as I can.

I submitted an order about two weeks ago after consulting Cee and Aubrey. I ended up ordering two skirts and two belts and was about to order two tops but they sold out in small sizes by the time I hit the checkout page.

Short Woven Skirt in XS / Nude / $17.80

I really liked this skirt in concept but the fit was way off for me. In general both the waist and the hips were more roomy than I am comfortable with...I just know that if I kept it I would have to keep adjusting it when I wear it.

This is going back.
Knee Length Formal Skirt in XS / Light Olive / $17.80

I am on the fence about this skirt. I like the color and think the details are darling. The waist is roomy but it stays on because the hip fits me well.

That said, I already have three gray pencil skirts and I can't think of a good reason for why I need a fourth. I'm holding onto this in the meantime to ponder it some more.
Scalloped Elasticized Belt in XS/S / Brown / $6.80 & Scalloped Stretch Belt in SM/MED / TAN / $6.80

I love belts and I am sold on the scalloped details. I ordered these two in the hopes of narrowing down my selection but the strategic placement of the tag and black hook hanger prohibited me from getting the full experience. I guess to truly know I would have to remove the tags and essentially keep the belts. 
Now that I have decided to make some returns I am back to square one. I have already started browsing in anticipation of that merchandise credit. I like this Chic Two Button Jacket that's available in four colors (but I am often skeptical of size S at F21), these dresses (1 and 2) and these skirts (1 (similar version at H&M for $5.95) , 2, and 3). And one can never get enough of belts...

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