Forever 21 Independence Day Sale

July 04, 2011

Forever 21 is running a one day only sale. 10% off and free shipping on orders of $50 and more. The order total must exceed $50 after the 10% off discount to qualify for free shipping. Use code 10JULY4 at checkout. You'll also have the option of a free subscription to Women's Health or GQ at checkout.
I placed an order because I really wanted the Love21 Lace & Pleats Dress. It was hard limiting myself because there were so many ultra feminine items.
Petal Tier Skirt, Linen-Blend Open Blazer, Love21 Lace & Pleats Dress, Mesh & Lace Dress
I also wanted to order the Floral Lace Dress, Sweet Lace Dress, Satin Belt Floral Lace Dress, and the Peter Pan Collar Lace Dress.

I also really enjoyed the color blocking feature. I can't wait for the 30-for-30 challenge to be over so I can give some of these a try.

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