SewPetiteGal Cameo Pendants & Pearls on a Chain Necklace

June 13, 2011

One of the "holes" in my wardrobe is the lack of interesting accessories. I have been paying more attention to accent pieces since I started this blog because accessories can make any boring outfit interesting.

One (of my favorite pieces) that I've acquired recently is this Cameo Pendants & Pearls on a Chain Necklace. It is handmade by a fellow petite blogger, SewPetiteGal. I've wanted to order from her Etsy store for months now and finally got around to buying a piece that I absolutely love.

The entire process, from ordering to receiving, took only a little over a week. The item is gorgeous and I am already contemplating ordering another piece (after the shopping ban, of course. I already transgressed too many times).

Where do you buy jewelry? 

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