Quick Review: cocostar Double-Button Blazer in Light Pink

June 17, 2011

I bought this blazer a little while ago (at the same time this dress was ordered) and I struggled with whether or not I should return it. I ended up keeping this because I missed out on this amazing Stella McCartney Silk Shantung Boyfriend Jacket (not that I have 2500 dollars to spend on it) but still want a pink boyfriend jacket. That said, this is by no means an adequate substitute. I think I maybe get it slimmed slightly along the side, shorten the sleeves (or maybe only wear it with sleeves rolled up), and replace the buttons.

Here's how it looks in the stock photo vs. on me. (Rinny did a review on this blazer as well)

I am wearing the "S" (also comes in M) here. I would say the true color of this blazer is a shade somewhere between the stock photo and the photos I took at dusk.

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