Target Go International Re-Release: Entire Line Now 65% Off

May 23, 2011

My previous order was a total miss (but not for lack of trying) but the entire collection is now marked down 65% off. I am itching to try a few others but will probably just sideline myself. 

In other news, it's been positively miserable (is that an oxymoron?) here in Connecticut...seemingly endless rain. I haven't had a chance to take additional pictures to complete posts which is how I am justifying a lack of real content. We'll always have shopping though. 

From left to right: Tracy Feith for Target® Strappy Dress in White, Rodarte for Target® Lace-Print Dress in Black/Tan, Luella Bartley for Target® Gathered Dress in Green/Navy, Richard Chai for Target® Sweetheart Dress in Black, Alice Temperley for Target® Voile Ruffle-Front Dress in Black, and Proenza Schouler for Target® Palm-Print Gauze Dress in Purple/Pink.
The Tracy Feith white dress is simply gorgeous and still has size 1's. It looked incredible on Khatu.

The complete collection can be found here.

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