Shoe Lust : Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Platform Pump

May 17, 2011

Shoe shopping is typically fun for me because I have average-sized feet (between 6.5/7). Being so middle-of-the-pack means that my size is readily available and usually well-stocked. I have had my eyes on these Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Platform Pumps (buy here, here, here, and here) for months now and the reason for why I held back is rather silly: I couldn't decide if I should order the Fawn Aniline or the Adobe Aniline.
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Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Platform Pump in Fawn Aniline
Stuart Weitzman, I love your shoes, but please stop using meaningless adjectives to describe the color of your shoes. It's hard enough trying to gauge the true color of shoes under studio light, nevermind having to decipher color codes that are more cryptic than is necessary.
Picture taken with flash; From left to right: Corso Como Delicious Pumps in Beige Patent, Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Platform Pump in Fawn Aniline, Corso Como Delicious Pump in Deep Camel Patent
The size 6.5 I ended up with runs True to Size (TTS). With my feet shape I am always skeptical of reviews that complained of a narrow fit but I find these to be TTS both in width and length.

I am happy I ended up ordering the Fawn Aniline because it's a "nude" that more closely matches my natural skin tone. But I remain intrigued by the Adobe Aniline so maybe one of these days I'll cave in and order them too.

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