Return: ASOS 2 in 1 Big Pocket Blouse Dress

May 06, 2011

ASOS, why oh WHY must you tempt me with seemingly adorable pieces that arrive failing expectation.

This ASOS 2 in 1 Big Pocket Blouse Dress had everything I loved: peter pan collar, tie neck detail, voluminous skirt with big pockets. How did it go so wrong?

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I took the liberty of editing the photos so the colors appear more vibrant than in real life. Take my word for it, this dress is decidedly underwhelming.
 The fit is all least on me. I know this isn't petite sizing but man the waist was tight and the top awkward. I couldn't ask for a less flattering dress on me.
But the nail in the coffin is the back. The top is so sheer that it would be impossible to wear without a tank top underneath. So I don't really understand the purpose of the open back. Maybe I missed this trend entirely but it just doesn't appeal to me.
Sorry, ASOS, but this dress is going back for good.

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