OOTD: White Dress

May 30, 2011

Do ever come across something, grow increasingly attached to it, but inevitably choose to forget about it because you can't justify its price tag?

I saw this dress more than a year ago on Red Carpet Fashion but at $348 another white dress just isn't high on my priority list.
Dress: BCBG Strapless Draped Dress - XXS
Bracelet: Amrita Singh Southampton Bracelet in Powder Pink - 6.5
Shoes: Forever 21 Floral Maryjanes

So imagine my surprise when this dress repeatedly crossed my path, in outlet stores and on ebay. I finally took the bait and bought this dress at a steep discount (even though I have enough white dresses as is).

It's become unbearably warm in the last few days and at this point in the season the most effort I can muster up is throw on a dress before I head out.

How was your memorial day weekend?

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