How To Use Your $20 Credit at Rue La La & 20% off Coupon at Gilt

May 07, 2011

A little while ago Rue La La (referral link here) gave a $20 account credit to new account sign-ups. I have been trying to use up my credit before it expires on May 15 but don't want to spend more money than is necessary.

These Fleece Boot Liners are sold here and here for much more.

I was casually browsing earlier and found these boot liners which were on sale for $12.90 with a $9.95 shipping fee attached to it, after the $20 discountI only paid $2.85. In the past I've had promotional credit expire because I couldn't find items to purchase so I thought I'd share this with those of you who still have that credit in your account.

Rua La La also has an Amrita Singh sale coming up on May 9, so you may want to save up the credit for it. Their Final Act sale will also take place on May 10 and May 11 so those may be good times to use up your credit as well.

Additionally, if you are a Gilt (referral link here) lover like me (the only sample sale site I browse and purchase almost exclusively), you will be excited by this very easy to obtain coupon. If you log onto your Gilt account, you'll see a little banner on the main page that will direct you to your Facebook page where you have to "tell a friend" about Gilt to get the coupon.

The process took a minute for me and the 20% coupon is worth up to $50 so I think it's worth it if you buy on Gilt.

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