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May 22, 2011

I so rarely need help shopping (I am my own worst enemy) but today I've hit a new low. So I said I'd stay away from shopping until I get my backlog of posts ready but a $10 coupon in the inbox awakened the shopping bug. So here I am scrambling to put together an order so I can go back to work.

I would really appreciate your help since I am completely overwhelmed by this website (I won't share the name here because I really don't like their customer pending a good experience with them this time around I'll save you all potential nightmarish online shopping stories)

Feel free to just leave the corresponding numbers (and maybe even color if you have a strong preference) in the comments (no explanation necessary, but definitely welcome), that alone would be so helpful. Thanks ladies!
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1. 100% Polyester A-Line Mini Skirt - $31.50

2. Polyester Blend Dress - $78 (I am almost certain I want this but I am blinded)
3. Polyester Blend Sleeveless Dress - $60
4. Polyester Blend Dress - $112 (somewhat pricey for what it is...but I love the Burberry-inspired knotted skirt)
5. Polyester Blend Pleated Skort - $55

 6. Polyester Blend Dress - $70.20

7. Cotton/Polyester Blend Skirt $17.50

 8. Polyester/Spandex Blend "Dress" - $43.2
Thanks so much everyone!

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