Butter by Nadia Vanity Bustier in Dove

May 25, 2011

So I jumped the gun and assumed that convertible tops would be an easy item to master. Oh how wrong I was. So far I intuitively excelled one way to wrap myself and with the help of my crafty mom learned a few other ways to wear this top (she had to write down the steps for me; what can I say? I am not the brightest bulb in the room).

Butter by Nadia items are supposed to be one size fits most (2-16) but it fits slightly-smaller-than-a-size-2 me just fine.

There is certainly more potential in this top than what I have shown here but the top didn't come with any instructions (which I thought was odd since BbN has instructional videos for their dresses online). Please let me know if you think of any creative ways to wear this.

#1 - I think this is my favorite way. I can easily tie this one myself without too much struggle.
 #2 - this is an interesting look but I am not entirely sure how I'll get the back to stay in place.
 #3 - matching scarf? ok maybe this is corny.
 #4 - Strapless was a tiny bit difficult to tie without the front looking "off".
#5 - I like this one too, I can't really tie bows so it might be difficult to do a good job next time around.
#6 - the one shoulder look can definitely be better executed. I haven't quite figured out though. Any thoughts?
 #7 - Another strapless look but I think tying the knot in the front makes the back look more sleek.
#8 - Don't know what I think about this one.
By number 9 I was giving up, this way is completely unwearable.
I was rather excited by the prospect of having convertible tops (dresses, skirts, etc.) but I think this experience has left me somewhat perplexed. What is your take on this convertible, multi-way trend?

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