50% Off Full-Price Dresses at LOFT

May 04, 2011

Offer valid through 5/5/2011.

LOFT is currently running two promotions that can be stacked together, 30% off dresses (no code needed) and 30% off Full-Price purchases of $125 and more (use code APRAFF30).

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Some of my picks:
(From left to right: Refined Cotton Sheath, Dot Combo Dress, Lace Scallop Dress (worn here), and Crossover Belted Dress)
In other news, I recently bought the Ann Taylor Petite Yvonne Tweed Sheath Dress in 00P but I didn't like how it fit me and since the dress is sold out online I thought I'd offer it here if anyone is interested. I bought it for $82.88 + tax and will ship it for free (gas prices are astronomical so it might make sense for me to send it rather than drive to an AT). If you'd like the receipt that shows how much I paid, I'd be more than happy to include it with the order.

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